Memac Ogilvy Dubai wins Gold

Memac Oglivy Dubai has won Gold at Cannes Lion for the project Geometry Global, The Lucky Iron Fish, in the PR category. The Lucky Iron Fish is an innovative campaign about one little fish that makes a difference in the world by addressing the issue of high anemia levels throughout the globe.

People who use the smiling iron fish, which provides 75% of an adult’s daily recommended intake of iron, in their cooking saw a massive decrease in the levels of iron deficiency. The campaign, which attracted over 2.6 million impressions, struck a nerve with the public who spread the message of how a small iron fish is saving lives in Cambodia and around the world. The Cannes jury awarded The Lucky Iron Fish project a Gold Lion in the PR Category.

For further information, contact Sophie Wordley at / +971 (0)4 305 0309

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