Stacie Overton Johnson joins The National

Stacie Overton Johnson has been appointed as Food Writer for The National. Stacie brings with her 9 years of freelance experience, having worked previously as a freelance television producer in the USA before relocating to Abu Dhabi in 2013, and prior to this as a full-time producer for 6 years. In her new position, Stacie will contribute several food articles a week about a variety of food-related topics in the UAE, from restaurant openings and major food competitions, to up and coming chefs in the UAE and food reviews.

“I’m having a great time working with the Arts & Life team at The National,” says Stacie. “They’ve all been very welcoming and the energy in the office is great. After freelancing for so long, I’ve found myself excited to get back into a proper office. I prefer newspaper writing to television writing, as it’s far more fulfilling. It’s easier to write a story you’re happy with – you don’t have the time constraints that comes with writing a television news story, and I can’t wait to throw myself into the UAE’s culinary world.”

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