POST magazine officially launches

POST, a magazine tailored to the diplomatic corps in the UAE, Qatar and the Middle East region, has officially launched as of last week. Published by Imperial Publishing, the bimonthly magazine features articles on foreign affairs, diplomacy, history, culture, arts, as well as retail advice on lifestyle, travel and fashion. With a circulation of 5,000 complimentary copies, POST is available across consulates, embassies, business clubs, partner hotels and chamber of commerce offices.

“The region receives a number of publications targeting various groups, with the exception of the diplomatic community,” says Geronimo Imperial, Publisher, Imperial Publishing. “POST was envisioned to help create a stronger network within the corps in the region by nurturing a channel where members of the corps could become better linked and informed. The main readers of this magazine are very dynamic. Aside from taking care of their expatriates, they also tend to their national interests. They promote trade, tourism and healthier bilateral relations. Delegations of heads of states, politicians, businessmen and even celebrities come and go, and POST shall be at the core of these activities.”

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