We Are Social launches new report 

Global creative agency network, We Are Social has launched a new report known as Braving the Backlash. Created by its UK office, the report aims to offer practical advice on how brands can approach sensitive issues in their marketing while properly managing hate speech and negativity online. Braving the Backlash explains why all brands need an anti-hate policy, how to create one, and where to display it. The report also introduces a new ‘Three Rs Model’ to help brands and community managers successfully categorise and respond to hate speech online.

“Diversity has become a core issue at the heart of our industry, as brands and advertisers increasingly look to speak out on societal causes which resonate with them,” says Nathan McDonald, Co-Founder and CEO, We Are Social. “However, there is still a clear lack of understanding as to how these conversations  – and indeed, campaigns – can be properly managed online without those involved having to fear backlash from certain groups online. This report aims to help to address some of these concerns, and offers brands and marketers a roadmap on how to effectively tackle negativity head on. It’s something we as a group are incredibly proud to stand behind.”