YouNow launches in the Middle East

Live streaming platform YouNow has officially launched in the Middle East. The website and mobile app enables real time interaction between broadcasters and fans, while also offering influencers the opportunity for revenue. The platform has over 100 million user sessions per month and 150,000 hours of live video consumed every day, making it a creative hub that facilitates live content creation from performers, celebrities, social influencers and brands, to encourage personal interaction with fans across the globe.

“YouNow is an opportunity for the world to see what the Middle East has to offer,” says Chereen Zaki, Arab Markets Manager, YouNow. “There is so much culture, art and diversity in the region and it will allow individuals to not only display their talents, but connect with fans from all over the world.”

Candace Tossas, Head of International Markets, YouNow, adds “As far as I am aware we are the only social network out there that facilitates consumer-to-consumer payment. This means artists are given a good opportunity to earn a fair wage directly from fans who appreciate their skills. We have had broadcasters give up their everyday jobs to be a full-time YouNower because they are earning enough money to support themselves.”