AVIAREPS launches global PR platform

AVIAREPS, a global leader in tourism, aviation, hospitality and trade promotion representation, has launched a Global Public Relations Platform specifically tailored for tourism, hospitality, airline and trade promotion entities seeking economical PR solutions. The platform, launched at the International Tourism Trade Fair (FITUR) in Madrid, Spain, provides effective brand, product and service awareness activities among key industry players around the world, and is unique for the level of professional, multi-lingual PR services provided, the international outreach achieved, and the economic value at which the service can be provided.

“The AVIAREPS Global PR Platform now makes it economically viable for all tourism and hospitality entities big or small to have a truly international PR footprint,” says Michael Gaebler, Chairman & CEO AVIAREPS Group. We are able to offer such a professional yet economical PR service where others can not, as our offices around the world are self-owned, the professional skill sets we hold are in-house and not outsourced, and because of our tourism and aviation specialisation, each of our offices are naturally in regular contact with the local travel trade and industry related media in each of their markets of expertise.”

Through the AVIAREPS Global Public Relations Platform, press releases and key messaging are translated into nine key languages and disseminated to the tourism, aviation and international trade promotion industries’ key media by each of the 46 AVIAREPS offices around the world. Media clippings of the exposure achieved from each of the markets are also provided along with an overview of total PR values achieved on a monthly basis.