Kiss Tension Goodbye

When Team TMN found out about a new cupping therapy that promises to provide health and slimming benefits, we couldn’t wait to put it to the test…

What: Cup Kiss body massage – Chinese cupping massage therapy.

Where: Tips & Toes, Al Barsha

When: Tips and Toes is open from 10am until 10pm from Sunday to Thursday and 10am to 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

The promise: The Cup Kiss body massage is an ancient Chinese therapy dating back thousands of years and was used to treat royals and superiors. The therapy utilises special vacuum silicon cups to squeeze out excess fluids and toxins from the body while reducing stress levels and loosening the muscles.

Did it Deliver? The Cup Kiss body massage is nothing like Team TMN had imagined, it was the epitome of a perfect spa experience. As we walked into the spa, we were greeted by the receptionist who was warm and welcoming, making us feel comfortable. We were then directed to the spa waiting room where we sat on cabana beds while waiting for our session to start. The soothing sound of running water in the fountain created a peaceful atmosphere along with the dimmed lights and calming interior building the perfect aura for that unforgettable experience.

The lovely lady that gave us the massage was clearly a professional and her gentle techniques put us at ease immediately. She first introduced herself, then we were given warm lavender scented towels to put on and asked to lie face down in a comfortable position. The therapy then began with her aligning our body so that we were lying straight, she then rubbed oil over our body in a light circular motion, massaged to balance the blood flow and loosen the tension in our muscles. The cups were up next. She placed light silicon vacuum cups that were no wider than a small bottled water, on different parts of the body using it to kiss the skin underneath and pulling it downwards with our muscles to squeeze out excess fluids and toxins that appear as cellulite. She started from across the top of our shoulders all the way down the back, then from the spine out, basically working with our muscles. The process continued for the whole 90 minute session and throughout we could feel how gentle the cups were placed on our body, it didn’t even feel like it was sucking up our skin and pulling it to the surface.

After we had ended the session, it is safe to say that we wished this moment would not come to an end and found ourselves in a deep semi-trance. When we stepped out of the session we could already feel our muscles loose and extremely relaxed. We were asked whether we wanted to have anything to drink and at that point a lemon ginger tea seemed like the right beverage to slowly ease us back to reality. The combination of a 90 minute cupping massage, a soothing atmosphere and calming tea was the perfect spa experience to kiss the tension goodbye.

The verdict: The aftermath of the therapy session lasted for nearly two weeks and we never knew our muscles could feel that relaxed. It was also to our surprise that unlike other cupping therapies that will always leave circle marks after the session, this one was a light dose of a traditional and ancient treatment that left no marks. The use of silicon cups prevented any marks from appearing on the skin and helped with the sucking process during the session. However, although the cupping was moderately done all over our body, we did feel more suction when done on our legs and thighs, which was the only pain we felt and was so subtle – it barely even disturbed our snooze. Thus, realistically speaking for just AED275 to AED320, we would recommend it once or twice a month as it improves circulation, heightens energy levels, reduces spider veins and helps even out hormone imbalances.

Jessica Milford joins Aziza Communications

Luxury lifestyle PR agency Aziza Communications has appointed Jessica Milford to the role of PR Executive. Previously a contributor for OK! Middle East, where she has assisted the team for three years, Jessica was responsible for writing features, interviewing high profile individuals as well as tracking emerging fashion and consumer trends. Jessica will now be working across a wide portfolio of beauty brands including Tips & Toes, Toni&Guy, label.m, Lee Stafford, Trevor Sorbie, He-Shi, Tantastic and Shampooheads. She will assist on digital and traditional media accounts.

“At Aziza Communications, we are always looking out for the most promising talent to join the team and Jess has really impressed,” says Loubna Elfakri, Account Director, Aziza Communications. “With three years of editorial experience and a fantastic work ethic, Jess is the perfect fit to complement our talented team.”

Top-to-toe pampering

What: Spa launch experience

Where: Tips & Toes, Golden Mile, Palm Jumeirah

When: Every day from 9am – 10pm

The promise: “A cross between the traditional nail haven and the full-service day spa, the luxuriously furnished 3,663 square foot sanctuary is perfectly placed to cater to the beauty conscious ladies of new Dubai.”

Did it deliver? With our hectic schedules, it’s a rare thing for Team TMN to get the time to really pamper ourselves and so when the opportunity arose to check out the new Tips & Toes Signature Spa on the Golden Mile, we leapt to it, in the hope of finding a new beauty haven. Being located at the entrance to the Golden Mile meant that not only did the spa benefit from being easy to find, but there was also plenty of covered parking available – a rarity for spas and salons located outside of vast shopping malls or hotels. The Tips & Toes venue itself is gorgeous, decorated in the chain’s signature jewel colours, with spacious and well-lit rooms – no dim lights to disguise dodgy nail finishings here.

After choosing our colours from a rainbow of nail varnish options, we sank into our cushion-clad spa chairs while therapists got to work. Nails were filed into neat oval shapes (as requested), while hands and feet were scrubbed, buffed and moisturised to perfection. All the while, much to our utter delight, we were treated to the most thoroughly relaxing head, neck and shoulder massages that we’ve had in any spa. It’s rare that any of Team TMN are able to totally zone out and relax, however on this occasion, we found ourselves happily gazing into the far distance, on the verge of cat-napping.

It was with heavy sighs that we eventually got up to move our magnificently manicured nails to the adjoining hair spa. After taking our seats at the washing stations, we had our manes washed with gorgeous-smelling products – each selected to best benefit our hair types and styles. Our clean, lightly-scented hair was then blow-dried into shape before being styled to our liking by friendly and professional stylists.

All of the treatments at Tips & Toes were administered by knowledgeable staff who took care to ask us our preferences – preferred nail shape, cuticle treatment, pressure during the massage and heat application for hair styling were all issues that therapists discussed with us and happily worked to avoid causing any trouble or discomfort. We left Tips & Toes feeling pampered, preened and styled to perfection.

The verdict:  We loved all of the treatments that we tried and the spa itself is beautifully appointed with friendly and extremely professional staff. Most impressively, the manicure and pedicure lasted for a full week before chipping and at only AED140 for a mani/pedi and AED60 for an additional neck and shoulder massage, we felt these treatments offered excellent value for money. Affordable treatments paired with easily parking means that we have found our new go-to beauty destination.

Sarah Jacotine joins Aziza Communications

Aziza Communications has welcomed new team member, Sarah Jacotine, who joins the PR agency this week as Account Manager. Sarah, who has previously worked as both a journalist and PR in the UK, has recently moved to Dubai and this is her first role in the region. Sarah will be working across lifestyle brands including VOGUE Café, GQ Bar, Rami Al Ali, TONI&GUY and Tips & Toes.

“I’m really thrilled to join Aziza Communications and I am excited to be working with so many fantastic clients,” says Sarah. “I’m new to the region and so I’m looking forward to meeting all journalists and other members of the media community as quickly as possible.”