Somayya Jabarti new Editor-In-Chief of Saudi Gazette

Somayya Jabarti has been promoted to Editor-In-Chief of the Saudi Gazette, becoming the first female journalist to be appointed Editor-In-Chief of a national newspaper in Saudi Arabia. Somayya previously held the position of Deputy Editor-In-Chief of the newspaper, and takes over the position after more than thirteen years in the industry.

“While there already are Saudi women who are Editor-In-Chiefs of magazines, such as Halah Al-Nassir of Rotana Magazine and Enas Hashani of Jeddah Destination, this is a first time appointment of a Saudi woman as Editor-In-Chief of a daily Saudi newspaper,” says Somayya. “It is important that my appointment not be treated as singular or exceptional but as a starting point for the advancement of all fellow Saudi women in the media industry in the Kingdom.”