Brand Ripplr offers alternative to influencers

UAE-based influencer platform, Brand Ripplr is offering an attractive alternative for all influencers in the region. Brand Ripplr is separating itself from other UAE influencer agencies by on boarding influencers under their license without insisting on exclusivity or additional commission charges.
“As an ad-tech platform that sees the influencer-marketing process through from start-to-finish, we welcome the new legislation,” says Tanaz Dizadji, Founder & CEO, Brand Ripplr. “For too long, the industry has been unregulated, and it is only right that the NMC has sought to find solutions to protect both consumers and brands when it comes to influencer marketing. There’s been a lot of commotion around the new laws… and some agencies have seen the new legislation as an opportunity to enforce influencer exclusively without justification. However, this will lead to the over-commercialisation of influencers and further inflate influencer pricing in the market.

“As a key industry player, it is important that we take a stand to protect both the brands and the influencers. Brand Ripplr will still be able to take full responsibility for this paid content and ensure that it satisfies NMC standards, but without taking commission from its influencers or charging brands unjustifiably for influencer marketing campaigns. Influencers are welcoming a move that meets industry standards without crushing their ability to create awesome content and collaborate with the right brands.”