Brave & Heart launches

David Parkinson and Richard Rust, former Heads of Digital at Nissan have launched new consultancy, Brave & Heart. With over 25 years of experience, David joined Nissan in 1999 and has worked on leading the flagship digital programmes and the launch of Nissan Qashqai to global success. Richard brings with him 12 years of experience in working with brands, agencies and consultancies such as Land Rover, Accenture and Ogilvy before heading the digital operations at Nissan. The new consultancy will focus on working with flexible teams and global implementation partners, to support clients across key areas of digital activities including strategy, transformation and experimental.

“Offering agile, remote teams and engaging specialist expertise where and when needed, is something that is critical to our approach,” says Richard. “We provide expert digital firepower to our clients without the burden of expensive consultancy overheads and the associated bureaucracy.”

David adds, “We see a clear need for a new model – one that harnesses real-world expertise and is able to provide rapid, flexible support to brands and their partners to deliver disruptive digital. Amateur hour is over. Our clients need bravery and passion.”