Lion MEC launches

Darine Hounaine, Co-Founder of Mother, Baby and Child magazine at CPI Media, has moved on to launch Lion Media, Events and Consultancy (MEC) firm in Dubai. The firm aims to meet the needs of companies that require marketing and digital consultancy as well as events work. Lion MEC will launch its own set of events such as the International People’s Festival which will celebrate and flaunt the different cultures that the UAE has to offer in a carnival setting, as well as the Women’s Entrepreneur Awards and the Health and Wellbeing series of events.

The media arm of the firm will also be launching new publication Family Tree, targeting parents with children from 0 – 18 years of age with an initial print run of 15,000 copies distributed around supermarkets, clinics, hospitals, schools, hotels and more. The magazine will be available online and have its own app which will feature events, articles, news updates and a chat room. Family Tree will also have its own monthly network of events alongside a yearly channel of events.

“Success comes in a can, not a can’t; I believe that whatever you set your mind to, with persistence, passion, devotion and commitment can be possible if executed correctly,” says Darine.”I’m proud to be launching Lion MEC and to be incorporating all of my networks and talents under one roof to offer businesses the best possible service and ROI .”

New Editor joins Mother, Baby & Child magazine

Dina Maaty has today joined Mother, Baby & Child magazine as Editor, superseding Zaina Shihabi, who stepped down last month after relocating to Liverpool. With over five years of experience in the media industry, Dina has previously held both editorial and PR roles in leading lifestyle publications and government communication hubs in the US, Qatar and Egypt.

“I am delighted to join this publication which has been helping women in the UAE make a smooth transition into the world of parenting and motherhood,” says Dina. “I look forward to presenting readers with more quality content as expected from a magazine of this calibre.”

Website revamp for Mother, Baby & Child magazine

CPI’s popular parenting magazine Mother, Baby and Child, is revamping its website, which should be unveiled by the end of October.

“We’re really excited about this revamp as we are hoping to serve our clients and readers more efficiently,” says Zaina Shihabi, Editor of Mother, Baby & Child.  “The new website will be user-friendly and contain all the informations mums and families need.”