Lovin Dubai expands social media reach

Augustus, a newly launched media agency and the holding company of online guide, Lovin Dubai, has merged all its social media channels with 7DAYS UAE. Following the closure of the weekly newspaper in December 2016, Augustus has purchased the social media handles for 7DAYS UAE, which has accumulated a massive social media following across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook over the years.

“Social media plays a crucial role in how media is consumed today,” says Richard Fitzgerald, Editor, Lovin Dubai. “We are delighted to take on the profiles of 7DAYS UAE both regarding assuming a broad audience that now has a gap in their daily newsfeed and accepting the responsibilities that go along with it. It is an honour and a privilege to be able to continue the legacy of 7DAYS in a small way.”

Mark Rix, CEO, 7DAYS UAE adds, “Over the last few years, we have built a large and highly engaged audience across our social media platforms due to the high quality and unique nature of our content. We believe that Lovin Dubai will continue to inform and entertain our readers in the same spirit.”

UAE newspaper announces closure

UAE-based newspaper, 7DAYS has announced the closure of its newspaper and online news publication. The news brand will cease operations after 13 years of publishing in the UAE with its final print issue to be published on Thursday, December 22, 2016.

“Whilst it was our stated intention to re-focus and restructure the business for 2017 and beyond, it has since proved not possible to create an acceptable cost base that could deliver a viable and sustainable business,” says Mark Rix, CEO, 7DAYS. “It is therefore with great sadness that we announce the unique 7DAYS news brand will close and thus, cease to inform and entertain the UAE in its refreshing and inimitable way. I have only praise and admiration for the dedicated and talented team that have created such a popular media portfolio over the past 13 years and I wish each of them every future success and happiness.”

7Days to go weekly

7Days is to become a weekly publication starting from January 1, 2017. The Dubai based newspaper will now focus on its digital presence and be published as a bumper weekly edition every Thursday.

“The time has arrived for us to take bold decisions that enable us firstly to continue to operate profitably and then continue to build on the core competencies that have been developed over the past 13 years in first-class content creation, distribution and customer engagement,” says Mark Rix, Chief Executive Officer, 7 Days.

Claire Sharrock, Managing Editor, 7days adds “Our 7DAYS print title will reflect its new status as a quality, free, weekly newspaper. The Thursday edition will see an increased focus on community issues and lifestyle as well as analysis. Our unique personality and reporting style much loved by our readers will continue as normal.”

7DAYS launches content marketing studio

UAE Publisher 7DAYS has launched an in-house content marketing studio, DEEP, which offers advertisers a new approach to their marketing requirements. DEEP will provide brands with creative opportunities to share their stories with the 7DAYS audience and beyond.

“DEEP delivers the opportunity for brands to immerse themselves within 7DAYS content at many levels and across all channels,” says Charlotte Turner, Head of Content Marketing, 7DAYS. “By working collaboratively with commercial partners, DEEP will deliver a client’s desired result through creative, solution-based thinking. Using content to engage customers has become a must on any media schedule. It’s no longer about talking at the audience, it’s about starting conversations with them.”

Mark Rix, CEO, 7DAYS, adds “This is the perfect time to launch an in-house content studio and we are proud to be the first publisher in the UAE to do so. The rapid evolution of social media and in particular the voracious appetite for quality video content, has prompted the creation of this dedicated team to devise multi-platform content concepts that meet the objectives of commercial partners, while also aligning with 7DAYS own vision of engaging and inspiring communities.”