JPd wins at Business Vision Awards 2017

Strategic branding and integrated communications agency, JPd has been named the Best Advisory Service Provider at the Business Vision Awards 2017. The award aims to support SME’s in the region that have shown outstanding initiative and attitude across a range of industry sectors and has recognised JPd for its advisory services and accomplishments.

“I am immensely proud of the JPd team for their service in providing our clients with effective and trustworthy advice,” says James Pass, Managing Director, JPd.”With awards received this year for service, creativity and strategy, we believe we are the best-placed agency for SME’s seeking to define a successful and sustained commercially minded brand.”

MENA Commerce undergoes full rebrand

Marketing technology company, MENA Commerce has undergone a full rebrand, inclusive of a name change to Cognitev. The company’s new structure will focus on marketing from a semantic point of view and will include advanced technology utilising artificial intelligence as well as a new website.

“When established in 2015, Cognitev formerly known as MENA Commerce, focused on e-commerce rather than marketing, but we quickly realised that our technology is better equipped to provide unique value to advertisers and marketers across the world,” says Moustafa Mahmoud, Founder and CEO, Cognitev.

JPd secures multiple wins at Transform Awards

Dubai-based branding and communications agency, JPd has secured multiple awards at this year’s Transform Awards MENA. Held at the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah, the ceremony aims to recognise and benchmark the best brand work and reward innovation across the MENA region. The event saw JPd win in various categories including gold for Best Visual Identity for Charity/NGO and Best localisation of an international brand, silver for Best Visual Identity for Professional Service Sector and bronze for Best use of Tone of Voice as well as highly commended for Best Use of Repackaging Design.

“For our first year of entry, the Transform Awards are a glowing endorsement to our success in creating commercially well thought strategies and compelling creative identities that allow brands to connect with people and people to connect with the brands we partner with,” says James Pass, Managing Director, JPd. “It captures everything we stand for as an agency – commitment, passion and proficiency.”

UX NXT to be held in the Middle East

Digital solutions agency, RBBi, is set to host the first UX NXT conference in the Middle East from March 8-9, 2017 at the Conrad hotel. With over 500 people expected to attend, the focus of the conference will be on user experience design tools used to improve usability and accessibility in interacting with products for an enhance users satisfaction experience. The conference will also include keynote presentations from guest speakers, case studies, workshops and a moderated panel of discussions to deliver the latest research and trends that will shape the future of UX, usability and accessibility across the region.

“Dubai is known to spearhead innovation and new trends and we are proud to host the region’s first user experience conference,” says Amol Kadam, Co-Founder, RBBi. “The conference will welcome the best professionals from the industry to share with us their experience and knowledge about UX, Service Design, usability and accessibility and will provide organisations with a single view of information, allowing them to make smarter business decisions.”

JPd recognised as best business consultancy

Dubai-based branding and communications agency, JPd has been recognised with a Business Vision Award from CPI Finance. Established in order to support businesses that have shown initiative and spirit across a range of industry sectors, the award was presented at a Gala Dinner held at Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai where experts also discussed the business landscape and economic outlook for 2016.

“We are thrilled to be granted such an honourable award and be recognised for our efforts to date,” says James Pass, Managing Director and Creative Principle, JPd. “At JPd we’re committed to supporting entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs build strong business identities, which help to differentiate them from others in this saturated market.”

Anastasiya Golovatenko, PR Director, JPd, adds “This award proves that we are on the right track. We are a passionate team and are committed to the success of every business. Every day we help our clients build brands that people love to talk about.”


Media branding for Generation Z

James Pass, Managing Director and Creative Principle at JPd, offers his thoughts on future marketing audiences and how to effectively target them…

 “It’s time to be brave enough to tell your story and be ready for an open conversation with your audience.”

With 34% of the UAE market under 24 years old, it is time to realise that what we know about Millennials is no longer enough. Generation Z, those born after 1995, are expected to be the largest group of consumers by 2020, and they portray a whole new set of characteristics and demands. The true characteristics of this category are still being observed and analysed by marketers, and while there is some quite contradicting data, there are still a couple of trends we can underline to prepare your brand for the dynamic consumer of tomorrow.

So what is Generation Z all about? Generation Z are an independent, confident and quite honest consumer group. Young customers have characteristics such as short attention spans and the ability to multitask, – they’re also constantly online. They save money rather than spend, care for the environment, make decisions based on the recommendations of friends and reviews online, and see adverts as a thing of a past. This new consumer is no longer looking for a “YOLO”-style ad campaign or a direct sale, they require a more inspiring, honest and engaging way to communicate with a brand. The market is changing drastically and as a branding agency, we need to be keeping an eye on all the new trends that Generation Z is bringing us today.

When it comes to media segment, there are two essential brand elements we would recommend that you look at: authentic story and social responsibility.

It’s time to be brave enough to tell your story and be ready for an open conversation with your audience. Gen Z is the most bold and confident generation so far and they will connect with brands that have things in common with their own identity and thus help them to express themselves. Companies that embrace a softer side and move away from institutional identities in favour of more personable characteristics, young customers will relate to more.

Generation Z wants to connect with brands on an emotional level, and they won’t speak to a faceless company. It’s time to determine what your company is really about– why it exists in the market and how it benefits the community. This will help you to focus on the right digital platforms and messaging. There are many ways you can open up to your consumer: engage on social media, reveal behind-the-scenes, ask for opinion, replace staged photos and replicated messages with more spontaneous and honest stories, and so on. Just think of it this way: do not push marketing strategies too hard, you will need to co-create with Generation Z, treating them as your partner, not a target audience.

Your social responsibility activities are another tool that can help build your story. Generation Z was born and shaped by a world of risk; from news on global warming to recent financial crises. They see a problem and they aim to fix it. According to recent research, six in 10 of consumers between 16-20 years old prefer to buy products from a company that helps to shape a better world.

As an entrepreneur, I strive to follow my personal beliefs and value them above any financial gain. Following the humanitarian trend from Generation Z, I would encourage companies to think of various ways in which they could utilise their internal resources to make a difference. Be it an Earth hour, paper recycling, being more selective on a client range – would you partner with a company who runs animal testing? – or offering pro-bono or barter services to non-profit organisations. Companies should remain creative and think of different external and internal activities true to their band to contribute in a simple way.

JPd appoints new PR Director

JPd has welcomed Anastasiya Golovatenko to the role of Account Director. Anastasiya joins the Dubai-based branding and creative design agency to streamline the firm’s communications, as well as support clients in providing effective communication and digital solutions as part of integrated services. She brings over nine years of PR experience to her new role, having most recently worked as an Account Manager at Spread Communications and has a Master’s degree in Communications and Analytics from the Institute of International Relations in Ukraine.

“It’s an important phase for the agency to be able to provide our clients a solution that can take their brand to new heights of awareness,” says James Pass, Managing Director and Creative Principle, JPd. “The addition of Anastasiya will strengthen our team and we are delighted to welcome her on board. She brings with her vast PR experience, which will be a valuable addition to the branding services we offer and help us interact with our key audience better.”

Anastasiya adds “JPd is a passionate, friendly and energetic team of professionals. It’s very exciting to join an agency that helps people transform their dreams into successful businesses.”

JPd launches PR Department

Boutique branding and communications agency JPd has launched a new PR department in an effort to strengthen its range of services in the UAE. The department will cover a spectrum of public relations for B2B and B2C sectors, as well as support the firm’s clients with communication and digital solutions in order to drive measurable results, lead by a team of senior consultants with experience in the public relations, social media, digital marketing and branding across the UAE, MENA and Europe. 

“This is an important step for us as the launch of a new PR and digital department underlines our commitment to offer integrated approach and better service to clients,” says James Pass, Managing Director and Creative Principle, JPd. “Through our new offerings we are now capable of supporting our client at all stages – from the brand creation to the product/service launch and ongoing communication to ensure effective engagement with their key audience.”