System Reboot

Fancy a fuss-free way to initiate healthy eating habits, and sort out your system? Team TMN have found a truly delightful detox..

What: Detox Delight

Where: Delivered to your door

When: Your chosen morning time slot

The promise: “Detox Delight is a holistic approach to the long-term improvement of our nutrition and thus our metabolism and well-being. Our products are designed for people who, despite their demanding professional, private and social lives, don’t wish to neglect their well-being.”

Did it deliver? Team TMN could not wait to begin our Detox, especially following a summer of indulgences, and starting the programme couldn’t have been simpler. After filling out an order request online, we were contacted by Nicole, Detox Delight’s charming Managing Director, who made some notes and recommendations for our juice package, based on personal health, diet and preference. We decided on the recommended three-day Juice Delight detox, consisting of five different fruit and vegetable juices, as well as a nut milk. The process was explained to us in great detail by Nicole, who also warned of possible detox side effects, and recommended that we avoid strenuous exercise, particularly cardio, during the programme – though we were told that should we wish to continue exercising for the three days, this could be accommodated by taking protein enhanced juices.

The first morning of the detox felt almost like Christmas! A nifty cooler was delivered to the door, filled with an array of juices to last for two days, as well as straws, a leaflet explaining the detox, possible symptoms and how to cure them, and even a pot of spicy crackers just in case we felt the need to chew on something over the three days. The juices themselves arrived in an array of beautiful jewel colours – each one raw and completely unpasturised to maintain maximum enzymes and vitamins, all prepared by Detox Delight’s team of nutritionists and raw food chefs. The effort gone into preparing the juices and developing combinations to maximise flavor as well as health benefits showed. The first juice of the day – a bright, warmly coloured lemonade – felt almost like drinking sunshine, and all of its vitamin-filled goodness. The beautiful packaging and informative guides were also reassuring, and helped us to feel slightly less apprehensive about the detox period ahead.

By day three, and our second delivery of meticulously prepared juices, we were already feeling healthier. Luckily, many of the possible side effects we had been warned about didn’t occur, although there was a slight feeling of fatigue. The generous amounts of juice supplied meant that we barely touched the spicy crackers, although they were tasty and they did curb the instinctive need to chew on something. The fact that they were raw, vegan and organic also meant that we didn’t feel guilt on the rare occasion that we did have one. The lemonade juice remained a firm favourite amongst Team TMN, though all the juices were tasty – our only criticism would be of the nut milk, which was enhanced with activated charcoal and consequently had a slightly alien, chalky taste. The green juices we tried for day three were all very refreshing, and tasted incredibly healthy.

The Verdict: At the end of our Detox Delight experience, Team TMN were left looking and feeling healthier and slimmer – even dropping down one jeans size in the process! Obviously it takes a little while to adjust mentally to the concept of not eating solid food, though Detox Delight do a fantastic job of preparing you for this, and the volume of juices supplied means that actual feelings of hunger are few and far between. The time saved by having someone else take care of preparing the juices also means that there is ample opportunity to asses how the detox is affecting positive change, and reflect on usual eating habits – which is a definite bonus, as it inspires positive change post-detox. We would definitely recommend Detox Delight, as a healthy way to feel and look better in a relatively short period of time.

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