Pinpoint Media group welcomes Thomas Billinghurst

Pinpoint Media Group has appointed Thomas Billinghurst to the role of Deputy Editor of Debonair and Watch 1010. With a wealth of experience in the media industry, Thomas previously worked for titles such as Arabian Aerospace, SportAccord Daily, Gulf News and tabloid!. In his new role, he will further develop Pinpoint Media Group’s reputation for quality journalism and content that defines the image of luxury men’s lifestyle in the region and beyond. He will also be responsible for overseeing all print and online content for both Debonair and Watch 1010

“I share a deep-rooted affinity with the core ethos of Debonair: prioritising enduring style over ephemeral crazes,” says Thomas. “We seek to present narratives that will stand the test of time. From our cover stories to our fashion pieces, we highlight those aspects of rarefied living that set us apart from the rest. I think it’s this symbiotic connection that makes this role the most natural of fits.”