New creative agency launches

New creative communications, production and design agency, Havoc Creative has launched in the UAE. Founded by Catalina Tapia and Acacia Stichter, who are also the Creative Directors, the agency aims to offer its clients services ranging from visual brand development and design to corporate communications as well as art direction. With over 15 years of experience in the creative and publishing industry, Catalina and Acacia have partnered together to build a business that offers its clients creative content with a personal approach.

“We’ve worked for everyone from Harper’s Bazaar and HSBC to Shangri-La Abu Dhabi and even A-list celebrities, we’re using our expertise as designers as well as dealing with clients to bring a hands-on and personal service to companies and individuals alike,” says Acacia Stichter, Founder and Creative Director, Havoc Creative. “We want our clients to feel special and know that they’re getting our undivided attention, something that can lack when dealing with large corporate organisations.”