In The Hot Seat – Loubo Siois

Team TMN sits down with Loubo Siois, TV Host and Executive Producer of The Dubai Talk Show, who talks about his new TV show and his view of the media industry in the region…

Name: Loubo Siois

Age: 26

From: Greece

Current Job Title: TV Host and Executive Producer of The Dubai Talk Show on Fox Channel

 When did you first arrive in Dubai?

In 2011, I was inspired after watching a movie about Dubai.

Where did you work prior?

My career has evolved around brands such as The Walt Disney Company, Nestle and Nike from the Marketing side, but nowadays I’m aiming for a TV salary of Jimmy Fallon’s level.

What were your first impressions of the media industry in the Middle East?

My first encounter with the media industry was during the Abu Dhabi Film Festival in 2011. I was fascinated by the variety and diversity of the people involved in the media and film industry here and around the region.

Tell us about your new late night talk show…

The Dubai Talk Show is an English-speaking late night talk show, showcasing celebrity interviews, topical monologue jokes and comedy sketches. In summary, giving a reason for celebrities like Nicki Minaj to look at my face for one hour and not feel awkward about it.

What challenges do you face?

Multitasking. Just think that The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has 200 permanent employees, I won’t say how many we have.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

The influence, instead of having a coffee at Costa with hundreds of different people to pass on a message. I just have two to three interviews with well-known celebrities and pass on the message much faster.

What advice would you offer to someone looking to start a career in media in the UAE?

Be prepared to knock on every door in Media City, Internet City, Business Bay etc. to promote yourself.

What do you think of the quality of TV shows in the region?

Very many people have ideas and try to pursue them but only a few succeed in the long run like Arab’s Got Talent and Arab Idol, I wonder why.

How do you find PRs in the region?

I find them to be decent people.

What’s your pet PR peeve?

Example of a recent communication with PR agency, regarding product placement in our TV Show
Loubo: Can we do paid produce placement?

Client: Sorry, no money but we can offer a barter deal (suits)

Loubo: OK, give me suits

Client: Sorry, no budget

Loubo: Budget? as in money or suits?

Client: Both

What advice can you offer PRs seeking coverage on your show?

I am a very business-minded TV Host. Just get in touch through our website, Facebook, Instagram and we can create a win-win situation.

What’s your most overused saying?

At the end of the end, it doesn’t matter.

Five things you can’t live without?

Internet, beef steaks, hair gel, cotton socks and greek yogurt

If you weren’t in your current role, what would you be doing?

Either working for a corporate brand or a small agency.

What is your favourite form of media (i.e; TV, radio, print)?

Radio when driving, newspaper in the toilet and TV at night.

What’s your favourite TV show?

House of Cards, Narcos, Suits

What’s your most used social media platform?