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Dominic Wright, Business Development Director of Generation 3D Printing, tells Team TMN more about the new printing consultancy and how they hope to inspire more creativity in marketing… 

Tell us a bit about Generation 3D…
We are a 3D printing consultancy. We design and create 3D printed models and unique objects, using the most innovative technology coupled with talented designers to create products that have a real wow factor. We were born out of the F1 industry in the UK, 3D printing parts for the cars and now we want to bring large-scale 3D printing to the Middle East.

Are you the first 3D printing company operating in the UAE?
We aren’t the first to set up, however to our knowledge we are the only company working on the scale that we are and in the markets we are looking to work in. We are looking to work on large-scale creative projects and instillations, as this is where our large printers and experienced creative team add the most value.

Did you face any challenges in establishing Generation 3D in Dubai?
In a word, yes. The 3D printing market is extremely young here, making it very exciting to work in, but also challenging. There aren’t yet the support networks in place for larger scale printing, which has meant at times we have had to carry that burden. For instance – my business partner and I had to manage the operation of forklifting our 700kg printer through a second story window entirely by ourselves. Thankfully that went to plan!

In a nutshell, how does the 3D printing process work?
It uses a 3D CAD image from the computer, then slices that file into thousands of layers. A printer then builds up a solid object from that image. It lays down a very thin layer of material (usually around 0.1mm), then another layer of color ink and binder (glue essentially). The printer then goes back and forth repeating this process, layer by layer until a solid object is created.
This gives us the unique opportunity to take design constraints away from individual manufacturing or building and allows us to make one-off, unique items very quickly.

Who is Generation 3D’s target audience?
Anyone who has a creative idea or the need to make a unique object/model. Primarily we are focusing on the B2B market, working with other companies around their 3D printing needs. We work mostly with Architects, designers, developers, marketing/advertising agencies and medical industries. We feel introducing it to businesses first will help lead the way to wider adoption. Next year we will be opening an e-commerce store for the whole Middle East to enjoy!

How is Generation 3D beneficial to communications professionals?
We help people to communicate their ideas clearly. They say an image represents a thousand words, well add a few zeros and you have the impact of a 3D model that you can see, touch and explore.

Harvard Business School did a study on sales and marketing and found that a marketing stunt is 50% more successful when having something physical to interact with, and a sales pitch keeps people engaged for three times longer. We want to help all organizations wow clients or colleagues internally with the power of 3D printing, by creating something unique.

How expensive is 3D printing?
It’s much cheaper than people think. Buying a printer is costly, but to have a one off, or unique product created and made by someone like Generation 3D, it works out about one fifth of the price of normal manufacturing or having the same product made by hand. 

What does the future hold for Generation 3D?
The future is a world of opportunity for us and everyone else in 3D printing. As the awareness grows so will the uptake.

The very first 3D printed buildings are currently being tested and Dubai is set to install one in its ‘Museum of the Future’. Airplanes are installing the first 3D printed parts. We hope to be a pioneer in the world of 3D printing and help this amazing technology change the world for the better. We feel we are at the start of the next industrial revolution and it’s only a matter of time before 3D printing is disrupting all industries.

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