Dubai Customs presents Al-Furdah TV Programme

Dubai Customs, in partnership with Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI), is presenting and sponsoring a new television programme – ‘Al-Furdah: From the Berth to the Screen’ – on Sama Dubai TV channel, with the first episode kicking off this week. Prepared and presented by Dubai Customs’ corporate communication department, the 13-episode TV programme aires weekly every Sunday at 9pm, with repeats through Mondays at 5am and 11am, as well as Tuesdays at 2pm; the broadcast will last three months.

“The programme aims to highlight the pivotal role Dubai Customs plays in facilitating legitimate trade and protecting society,” says Khalil Saqer bin Gharib, Director, Communication Department, Dubai Customs. “It will also shed light on major relevant services provided by other government entities in Dubai and in the UAE at large, especially being the first-of-its-kind programme in the Middle East to be presented by a customs organisation. The broadcast will feature eminent national and regional figures in the realms of security, economy, environment, customs and will discuss several topics related to the role of government institutions in the community.”

The Al-Furdah programme is the first result of the joint collaboration between Dubai Customs and DMI following the signing of a mutual cooperation agreement in March 2014. The agreement is aimed at joining efforts to fulfil the Dubai Government’s vision, boost cooperation, share expertise and knowledge in the multimedia work field, as well as enhance Dubai’s economic and commercial standing in the local and international media.

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