AP to launch research study at Arab Media Forum

The Associated Press has announced the launch of its Middle East research study, outlining the changing demands for video news in the region and the impact on the news consumption habits of consumers. The Associated Press research findings will be announced at the Arab Media Forum on May 20, 2014.

The study, conducted by Deloitte, addresses questions around the news consumption habits of consumers in the Middle East, looking specifically at – who are the key consumer of news, how they access news coverage and how often, the consumption habits of different demographics, how and why the demand for video content is changing and how social media and mobile devices are impacting the trends.

Additionally, John Daniszewski, Vice President of International News at Associated Press will be hosting a session on ‘The Future of News in the Middle East’, showcasing his views from the perspective of an international news agency on the challenges that news gathering organisations face in light of recent trends, and the changing needs and behaviours of contemporary audiences within the region.

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