Aishwarya Gordon joins Ti22 Films

Aishwarya Gordon has joined Dubai-based video production company Ti22 Films as Presenter. Having been with Dubai One TV since 2010, Aishwarya began as a reporter, where she presented and produced the fashion segment for youth show ‘Twenty Something’. In 2011, she moved on to reporting for lifestyle show ‘Studio One’, later becoming the main presenter for its second season. With Ti22 Films – a team that crafts unique and compelling films for corporations, businesses, charity organisations, agencies and broadcasters – Aishwarya is working on an online project, which is currently in pre-production and set to go live early in 2015.

“I grew up watching Channel 33 (the old name for Dubai One), which was the only source of television entertainment in Dubai back in the day,” says Aishwarya. “The fact that I could work for the same channel was a dream come true and an exhilarating experience. As much as I am going to miss the team and being live on air five days a week, the time has come for me to explore different things.”

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