New platform set to transform taxi advertising

Taxi Media Middle East is to soft launch its new state-of-the-art touchscreen technology for taxi advertising in late November. The advertising platform is set to transform taxi advertising effectiveness through the means of time based, location based and real-time updates allowing advertisers full control of their content.

Taxi Media Middle East has the exclusive rights to the Middle East for the world’s largest taxi media platform. Currently operating in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Canada, with further expansion to Australia, South Korea, Vietnam, France and Germany planned in 2014, the units are heavily patented and have won many awards for their advances in technology.

The soft launch will roll out across 7,146 taxis in the Abu Dhabi Emirate involving Emirates Taxis, Cars Taxis, Arabia Taxis, National Taxis, Tawasul and Al Ghazal Taxis. The official launch is set for January 2014, with expansion into other Emirates and countries within the region planned later in 2014.

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