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The Rug Company

The Rug Company, founded in 1997 by Christopher and Suzanne Sharp in London, was born out of passion for quality, design, craftsmanship and service, credentials which have enabled it to transform an industry and establish itself as the leading name for handmade and contemporary rugs. In addition to their own in-house designs, which are available More Info »

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin, the UK’s second largest privately owned furniture & fabric house is one of the world’s most established furnishing brand leaders in quality textiles and furnishings. With a unique approach to design, The Andrew Martin brand is distributed globally in over 55 countries with over 3,000 meters of Andrew Martin fabric sold every day More Info »


KRIS KROS fuses culinary favorites with a fresh, modern touch to present delectable dishes that transport you around the world on a culinary journey. Whether sitting on the terrace or indoors, be ready to KRIS KROS Continents with dishes evoking the essence of the Americas, Mediterranean and Asia. Experience world cuisines exclusively re-mixed to satisfy More Info »


Leila is a Lebanese restaurant that serves much more than just healthy Lebanese food. Its friendly ambience is matched by its authentic traditional cooking – the kind of cooking that takes each and every diner back to the rural kitchen of the Lebanese grandma they may or may not have ever had. The perfect simplicity More Info »


Expose-Communications is a blossoming boutique communications agency with bases in Dubai and London. Matchlessly enthusiastic and tightly-knit, having ourselves developed organically we are ideally positioned to unearth niche brands and take them from relative obscurity to heightened visibility through improved, positive exposure. Whilst we at Expose-Communications know who and what we are – dynamically driven, More Info »

Lola B Design

Founded by renowned interior decorator and furniture designer Lola Beuyukian, Lola B Design creates bespoke furniture pieces blending modern and contemporary influences with a European touch.   PR CONTACT Yasmine Gila +971 4 422 1755