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Once Upon A Time in a land far, far away (Beirut), a handsome prince (Akram Miknas) started a company called Promoseven. Sleeping princesses were kissed. Magic beans were liberally scattered. In the course of his many travels, he teamed up with a friendly giant (The McCann Global Network) who lifted the young prince on its mighty shoulders. Together, the two had many merry adventures, building an empire with branches in 15 MENA cities. In 2011, he passed the reigns to his son, the slightly less handsome but nonetheless very passionate Tarek Miknas, who now finds himself in the enviable position of ensuring FP7’s “happily ever after”. Storybook endings are hard to come by. Storybook beginnings are even more so. The good news is that the heart and soul of FP7 is and forever will remain entrenched in Middle Eastern identity. Times are changing. The Middle East is changing. But as our region changes, so do we. P7 and the Middle East’s fates are and always have been one. And our future is mirrored in the Arab world’s destiny. Local knowledge can be learned. Local intuition cannot. We know the region because we are part of the region.

7th Floor
MCN Hive
Tecom Section C
PO Box 6834
Dubai, UAE
+971 4 445 4777

Sasan Saeidi
Managing Director
+971 50 877 3870