Will McMichael joins GN Broadcasting

Will McMichael has joined GN Broadcasting as Head of Advertising. Having previously worked as General Sales Manager at the Australian Radio Network in Sydney, Australia, Will was responsible for revenue generation cross all of the network, including 12 radio stations and its digital assets. In his new role as Head of Advertising, he will oversee both direct and agency sales teams for GN Broadcasting, as well as support departments including Creative, Traffic, Commercial Production and Sponsorship/Promotions/Integration. Will will also be handling revenue generation across direct and agency sales and developing and implementing strategies for internal structure, processes and communication.

“Relocating to another country was not an easy decision, however I have been made to feel extremely welcome and I already feel like a part of the family,” says Will. “There are some very talented people here and when you combine this with the strength of the brands throughout the company, we have a real opportunity to provide multi-platform solutions to our clients.”