Twitter redesigns Twitter for Business website

Twitter has relaunched its Twitter for Business website – – which includes a redesigned look and reorganisation of the platform’s content. In an official blog post, Russ Laraway, Head of Small and Medium Businesses at Twitter, offered a break-down of the redesigned website, which includes content now being split into four sections for easier navigation –

1. Basics: everything you might need to know to get started on Twitter, from terminology to creating an effective content strategy.

2. Solutions: step-by-step guidance on how Twitter Ads can accomplish five business objectives – growing followers, finding leads on Twitter, driving website clicks and conversions, boosting Tweet engagements and driving app installs or engagements.

3. Success stories: read about how businesses are using Twitter Ads to achieve a variety of marketing objectives.

4. Resources: access guides, research, videos and event programming to build your Twitter expertise, all in one place.

“Whether your business is just starting to use Twitter or you’re a seasoned pro, you can find educational resources, research, advertising solutions and real-life examples that are relevant for your business needs,” says Russ Laraway.

Over the coming weeks and months, Twitter aims to continue adding new content and features to the website.

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