Team TMN sit down with Andrew Burgess, Middle East Director, TINT to find out more about the global technology platform, following its successful Middle East launch…

Tell us a bit about TINT…?
TINT is a global technology platform that collects, moderates and curates social content from across the world and displays it anywhere. Using TINT, organisations can harness and filter the wealth of user-generated content created about their brand and category every day and display it across websites, mobile apps, digital advertising, TV, digital billboards and jumbotrons.

Where did the concept for TINT originate?
TINT started as a “calculated” accident. Our team previously worked on a product similar to TINT, but in the consumer space, and it failed. Why? We didn’t listen to our users’ real problems, blinded by the dream to hit “virility” and gain fame.

We have flipped that mentality 180 degrees, now focusing on listening to our customers, solving real problems, and improving our platform constantly. We are on your Team.

What makes TINT technology unique?
TINT is the fastest and most customisable social hub solution that empowers marketing teams to create brand experiences with no IT needed. We’re trusted by over 45,000 brands for a reason.

Who is TINT’s target audience?
Anyone!! Brand managers, hotels, agencies, eCommerce platforms, events/hospitality industry, publishers – you name it we could TINT it!!

Why did you bring TINT to the Middle East?
Dubai is the ideal gateway to help us establish a more customer-facing relationship with global clients we already have. Dubai’s ambition to develop as a smart city makes it the perfect environment to foster entrepreneurial and technology-inspired companies, like TINT, to grow.

What challenges did you face establishing TINT in Dubai?
We have not really faced much of a challenge – we haven’t just jumped in feet first and hoped for the best, we’ve forged strong relationships with key regional brands but during those initial steps we have listened to them every step of the way; TINT’s employees and customers depend on each other to grow to the next level.

How is TINT beneficial to brand owners in Dubai?
Use of social media, the creation of user-generated content and the power of word-of-mouth are all rapidly growing. TINT enables brands to harness and filter the wealth of content being created about their brand and category and display it anywhere. For marketers, TINT collects and filters social buzz about a brand and its category and helps organisations to amplify and display it in real-time, increasing audience engagement. This turns social content into a word-of-mouth marketing tool to reach new audiences, build brands and sell products and services.

What does the future hold for TINT?
The signage industry is super huge, currently we are forging strong partnerships with key stakeholders in this industry – imagine being able to merge dynamic content to any sign/screen in the world? This is why we have created TINTmix.

We understand that social media content is only a subset of a larger content strategy. Custom images, pre-recorded videos or live-streams, and other dynamic web content can be easily combined into one simple, engaging experience for audiences. What took long development time and timely back and forth conversations between multiple teams for small changes can now all be done with TINTmix.

Want to know more about TINT? Contact Andrew on andrew@tintup.com or follow him on Twitter/Instagram @Glos365

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