The Content Hub launches specialist divisions

Dubai-based content creation agency, The Content Hub has launched two new specialist divisions, The Yachting Hub and The Wheel Hub. Founded by Sam Richomme who most recently worked as CEO of Lux Media Group and Damien Reid who most recently was contracted by Lux Media Group to contribute for Edgar, Altitudes and Yachts Emirates, the two divisions will offer publishers and marketers ready-to-publish content packages that can be used on all communications channels including print, web and social media. The Yachting Hub will focus completely on yachting and yachting lifestyle while The Wheel Hub will focus on motoring and automotive content.

“Between the devil and the deep blue sea, the media industry’s growing need for immediate and top quality content are at odds with the industry’s continual drop in editorial budgets,” says Sam Richomme, Founder, The Content Hub. “The Wheel Hub and The Yachting Hub caters to the needs of today’s publishers to cover all their media channels in one go, with affordable and immediate access to content produced by media professionals who are experts in their respective fields.”

Damien Reid, Founder and General Manager, The Wheel Hub continues, “The Wheel Hub represents the changing face of media and a solution for time-poor editors who in many cases are either a one-person shop, or worse still, are forced to juggle multiple titles on their own. In 90 seconds, an editor will receive long form and short form text to suit both print and online layouts, 15 to 20 images all resized and colour-corrected to suit, pic captions for every image, headlines, sub-heads and pull quotes. We even include a 60-second, Instagram-friendly video with all the hashtags for their social media. There are no contracts to sign, no chasing late payments through accounts departments and no VAT paperwork issues as the PayPal process is as simple as ordering a home-delivery meal.”