Times of Oman wins at World Digital Awards

Times of Oman has been awarded Best Data Visualisation for its creative site at this year’s World Digital Awards in Vienna, Austria. The awards were presented by the World Association of Newspapers (Wan-Ifra) to recognise Times of Oman’s site for its features, which includes; drawings, graphics and videos that details the heritage behind the Omani dress for a digital celebration in honour of the country’s 45th National Day.

“I’m thrilled for the team behind this special project and even more so that a project that honours Oman’s heritage has won recognition at a global level, particularly as we approach National Day this year,” says Scott Armstrong, Chief Executive Editor, Times of Oman. “This came on the back of five awards, two gold, including one for the Omani dress project and three silver in the 2016 Middle East Digital Awards of the World Association of Newspapers.”