The Original Content Co. launches in the UAE

Content marketing company, The Original Content Co. launches in the UAE. The new company aims to create bespoke, engaging and influential content for businesses, the media and individuals. Founded by Gemma White, who previously worked with ITP Media Group’s publications, OK! Middle East as Editor-in-Chief and Cosmopolitan ME as Group Editor, Original Content Co. will focus on all areas of content marketing including, website and blog writing, captioning, troubleshooting and social media management. In addition, the company will cover video creation, script editing, flyer content, subbing and consulting today’s media as well as providing syndicated and commissioned content for the media in the UAE and across the Middle East.

“As a journalist who has worked at some of the biggest media companies in the UAE, like everyone in the region, I have seen the media, marketing and content landscape change dramatically with the rise of bloggers, influencers, PR and media agencies, as well as social media and the constant search for the ‘next big thing’ in communication,” says Gemma. “The Original Content Co. fits into your business plan by helping brands speak to their audience in their audience’s voice – and the only proven way to do that is with effective and beautifully crafted content.”