Ananke to partner with The Indian Trumpet

Online magazine Ananke – – has partnered with The Indian Trumpet to explore new creative approaches in order to amplify its online engagement, with a focus on digital media and content creation.  The e-zine is a non-profit initiative that celebrates visionary women across the Middle East and beyond.

“Digital media is an empowering tool of engagement,” says Sabin Muzaffar, Executive Editor, Ananke. “By forming creative alliances, we can not only start meaningful debates on issues relating to women, but we can also explore new methods of engagement that can lead to sustainable social impact. Here at Ananke, we are thrilled to join with The Indian Trumpet to find new methods for creativity in the digital landscape.”

The Indian Trumpet welcomes Sabin Muzaffar

Sabin Muzaffar has joined The Indian Trumpet as Bollywood Columnist. In her new role, Sabin will be writing in-depth entertainment columns on the art of Bollywood movie-making, tracing from its routes to global success. Prior to joining The Indian Trumpet she worked as a freelance contributor for ITP Publishing and ,more recently, as an Executive Editor at Ananke

“I am pleased to be a part of The Indian Trumpet team and look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration,” says Sabin. “I am positive this will be a lovely journey, exploring the various dimensions of Indian cinema, culture and more.”

The Indian Trumpet magazine appoints Copy Editor

The Indian Trumpet magazine has appointed Mona El Samna as its new Copy Editor. Mona will be responsible for editing and proofreading all articles submitted by contributors, freelancers and staff members. Before joining The Indian Trumpet, she worked with Clarity Editing and Communications in writing, editing and translation – a role which Mona will continue to do alongside that of Copy Editor for The Indian Trumpet.

“I am looking forward to being a part of this insightful and engaging magazine,” says Mona. “Its stories will give me a chance to learn about the Indian culture from an insider’s perspective. The vibe behind the magazine, of celebration and contribution to the community, is also great.”

Namrata Manghnani joins The Indian Trumpet

Namrata Manghnani this week joins The Indian Trumpet magazine as Social Media Executive and Editorial Support. Upon joining the team, Namrata will be writing engaging articles and creating communications content to promote the magazine, as well as managing The Indian Trumpet‘s online social media platforms.

“I’m looking forward to being a part of The Indian Trumpet team,” says Namrata. “I will be gaining valuable experience about what goes on behind the scenes of a magazine, and am excited to learn and grow as a writer as well!”

Fiona Paterson joins The Indian Trumpet

Fiona Paterson has joined Dubai based e-magazine The Indian Trumpet as Assistant Editor. Fiona has extensive editorial experience with UK and Australian publications, and continues to work as Copywriter and Editor for publications in the UK. In her new position, Fiona plans to expand the editorial reach of the bi-monthly online magazine, which targets the non-resident Indian community in the UAE, and focuses on all things Indian in the region and abroad. The Indian Trumpet was launched July 1, 2013.

“Working with the creative output at The Indian Trumpet is an immense privilege and a constantly enriching experience,” says Fiona. “The paramount aim? Creating polished pieces that contributors will share with family, friends and the wider world.”