New appointments at IHC

Integrated communications agency, IHC has promoted Alexandra Williams to the role of Managing Director of its Dubai office. Having joined IHC in 2016, Alexandra most recently held the role of Associate Director, where she was a part of the growth period of IHC particularly within the construction, engineering and technical sectors. In her new role, she will focus on growing the business, agency operations and overall client delivery.

The new appointment will also see the promotion of Ian Hainey, most recently Managing Director to take on the role of CEO. In his new role, he will remain strategically engaged with IHC Dubai, while focusing on continued global expansion, after client wins in the UAE and Brazil.

“I’m proud to take on this role, which I see as the very beginning of where we are taking this agency,” says Alexandra. “Having been at IHC for a relatively short period of time, the synergy was instant from joining and we have moved forward at an incredible rate. I’m under no illusions as to the importance this office will play over coming years, as the Dubai team should remain the creative engine behind our ambitious global expansion plans.”

Hainey, adds ”Word of our services has spread quickly between business decision makers, because we deliver hard-PR for clients targeting specific industries, supported by quality social media, digital advertising and powerful content. This has put IHC in an exciting position, where we are winning top clients across other geographic areas, with recent client wins in the UK and now Brazil, where we are launching our services in May 2018.”

Tanya Selley launches online business platform

Tanya Selley, previously Editor of Business Insights magazine, part of Flip Flop Media, has launched online business news and current affairs platform, With editorial experience in business and finance, Tanya launched the new platform to have a primary focus on the Middle East business scene and promote content through targeted advertising and social media networks. The new platform will also include global content and feature different categories such as business strategy, technology, lifestyle and news as well as weekly exclusive video interviews and in-depth features.

“The majority now takes news and information throughout the day from social media feeds and has been designed from the start with this in mind,” says Tanya Selley, Editor-in-Chief, “We have on board an exciting team of writers, content creators and a clear marketing plan behind us focused on making this a big success.