Al Jazeera English wins at Online Media Awards

Al Jazeera English online won three awards at the Online Media Awards in London on Thursday, June 11, 2015. The awards were for Best Technical Innovation, Best Use of Photography and Outstanding Digital Team of the Year, and they were judged by an independent panel from the British Journalism Review.

The Best Technical Innovation and Outstanding Digital Team of the Year titles were awarded for the Palestine Remix project, which was a network-wide initiative allowing users to access some of Al Jazeera’s documentaries on Palestine. The project also included interactive maps and timelines to help users understand and contextualise the Palestine issue. The Best Use of Photography award was given for Al Jazeera’s Portrait of a yogi, which was a photographic exploration into the power of yoga to unite people across cultural and physical divides.

“This recognition by our peers is a testament to Al Jazeera’s efforts to find new ways of storytelling, and to explain complex issues to a global audience,” says Imad Musa, Head of Online, Al Jazeera English.”Our team is small but incredibly passionate about what they can create, and it’s great that our peers agree that they are the best digital team in the world. We will continue to push the boundaries of original journalism and innovative design.”

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Al Jazeera launches Palestine Remix

In commemoration of the UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, Al Jazeera Media Network has launched Palestine Remix. The interactive website will allow users access to some of Al Jazeera’s best documentaries on Palestine, and enables people to cut-and-paste footage to tell stories and share it immediately through different social media platforms. The remix tool is a built-in simplistic video editing software that allows users to build their short films in minutes. The project also contains interactive maps and timelines, granting users a better understanding of the Palestinian issue and the opportunity to contextualise it.

“This project is not just about telling the important story of Palestine,” says Rawan Damen, Project Manager, Palestine Remix. “It’s about creating new ones. We want to give you a new way to understand, tell and share stories about Palestine. That why we’ve created Palestine Remix – to put the power of storytelling into your hands.”

The database provides the user the ability to watch full documentaries with their full transcripts, allowing the visitor to click on a word in the transcript and go directly to the specific point in the film. The user can also pick and choose, as well as mix and match the extracts of different films, view full films, or search the full transcripts using any word, name, place or concept. The database contains 84 hours in four languages, with more than 250 people, 580 places and a timeline that spans 215 years. It also provides drone footage of iconic places in historic Palestine – Jerusalem, Acre, Gaza and many others.

Palestine Remix is the first of its kind on the Palestinian issues, has a version specifically for mobile users and will be a mobile app before the end of 2014.