Swiss Media Group closes

Swiss Media Group is to cease its operations, after 12 years of publishing in the UAE. Founded in 2004, Swiss Media Group was formed by an experienced publishing and editorial team from Switzerland and the UK. The group’s portfolio of magazines included EquestrioPrestige and the recently re-vamped SWR. The publishing group has cited the evolution of the publishing world as the reason behind its closure.

“There are no words to describe the gratitude we feel towards our clients, partners and suppliers, ever single one of whom helped not only to make our journey possible, but also to make it thoroughly enjoyable,” says Michael Lahyani, Publisher and CEO, Swiss Media Group. “We look forward to seeing you again on the polo fields or at the next watch fair and for now wish you a continued success.”

Media mourn the loss of Lucy Monro

Great sadness continues to fill the hearts of many as news spreads of journalist Lucy Monro’s tragic death. The animal lover and sports enthusiast was fatally injured after colliding with motorbikes during a coast-to-coast charity cycling challenge with Team SWR this past weekend. As Swiss Media Group’s Editor-in-Chief, Lucy founded equestrian magazine, Equestrio, 11 years ago alongside business partner and close friend, Michael Lahyani.

“Her passion, kindness and relentless pursuit of excellence have left an indelible mark on our team, our products and our DNA,” read a joint statement issued by Michael Lahyani, Publisher and Founder, and Gerard Belicha, Publisher and CEO, both of Swiss Media Group. “She will be sorely missed on so many levels, first and foremost as a dear friend, and also as an outstanding Editor-in-Chief and inspirational leader. Lucy truly was an extraordinary woman; as a close friend rightly put it, “She was one of life’s special people””.

“We miss her so much and always will,” added Gerard Belicha.