BPA introduces B2B advertising marketplace

Global business media auditing company, BPA Worldwide has announced the launch of a private digital ad marketplace (PMP) for its B2B members. Set to launch in the second quarter of 2017, the platform aims to provide buyers better access to quality data and efficiency in the digital marketplace.

“In the case of buying ad space programmatically, BPA will establish a vertically focused PMP comprised of BPA’s B2B members’ audited sites,” says Glenn Hansen, President and CEO, BPA Worldwide. “According to our findings, individual members are not able to reach scale on their own and appeal to the technology vendors. However, when put together, BPA’s B2B membership can create a significant impact in the marketplace. The top reasons publishers don’t currently use programmatic selling is scale, lack of familiarity with the process and the challenge of establishing independent third-party differentiators. The BPA PMP addresses those challenges. Already an established and trusted audit partner, the BPA PMP offers B2B buyers quality audited audiences and an automated way to reach them.”