Buzzeff launches new display ads

Dubai-based online advertising company Buzzeff launches its new generation of display ads called InRead Display. Buzzeff’s new upgraded ads aim to help advertisers maximise their brands’ exposure towards their target audience without being associated with unwanted content. The new Ad format will also be viewable by design unlike traditional display formats and will be mobile-friendly to increase viewer ability and engagement among consumers.

“When it comes to online advertising, brands always aim to get the best results to capture consumer loyalty and eventually improve sales performance,” says Jerome Mouthon, Founder and Chairman, Buzzeff MEA. “In order to achieve that, the environment in which they reach their market should be set as high priority. Being the first and only company to make inRead Display available in the MEA region, we look forward to assisting different brands not only in their online ad requirements, but also in educating them about the importance of safe advertising online.”