Memac Ogilvy opens new Cairo Office

Memac Ogilvy has embarked on a major reshuffle of its Egypt operations, starting with the launch of a new Cairo office in Technology City. The new office marks the first stage of a renewed commitment to modernising its services in Egypt and the company aims to bring its new operating system and restructure to its Cairo team.

“Egypt has long been an important market for us, and we’re proud of the influential history we have here, from the launch of the New Suez Canal, to the Egypt Post, to Cairo’s Ministry of Finance,” says Edmond Moutran, Chief Executive Officer, Memac Ogilvy. “Today, the nation is going through significant growth measures, which is vastly important from a social, economic, and cultural perspective. This is an era we are committed to playing a key role in. Our 20-year history in the country allowed us to recognise the opportunities that exist, and we intend on contributing through our talented resources, services, and operations.”

Kassab Group launches major growth expansion

Kassab Group, a media services and solutions provider for the MENA region, has launched a major expansion programme by enhancing its senior management structure, acquiring new projects and restructuring its sales division. Kassab has appointed an advisory board, consisting of Semaan Choueiri, Strategy and Planning Director, Kassab; Mohammad Awad, Director, Kassab; and Hicham Adra, President, Ardan Fitzroy Enterprises.

In addition to this, Kassab has also appointed Patrick Brais as Chief Operating Officer, Gerard Rustorm who takes over as Chief Commercial Officer, and Bashar Nsheiwat as Senior Planning, Strategy and Business Development Director. The expansion also includes acquisition of new projects, specifically Sky News Arabia and expansion of the Dubai Metro project advertising concession.

“We have embarked on an ambitious expansion programme in the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Algerian and Iraq, and it was therefore imperative to strengthen our senior management team and restructure our sales division,” says Ghassan N. Adra, Chairman and CEO, Kassab Group. “Kassab endeavours to deliver quality service, and we can achieve this goal only with the best and most experienced talent pool.”

3monkeys open first overseas office

UAE-based creative agency, 3monkeys, has announced the opening of its first overseas branch, 3monkeys Inc, in San Francisco, California, USA. Operations commence on September 1, 2013, with CEO Marc Mikulla, one of the three founders of 3monkeys, heading up the team. Located in the heart of the Mission district, 3monkeys expanded due to international demand for their unique and specialised offerings.With a network of partners across the world, such as Ventuz Technologies, Mediascreen Munich and RealLifeConnect and vast experience in large scale events, primarily focusing on the automotive, IT and communications, and the financial industries, 3monkeys continue to push the boundaries of creativity and technology.