CNN to launch The Silk Road series

CNN is set to launch a new series uncovering the cultural traditions and commercial trading synonymous with The Silk Road trading route – The Silk Road: Past, Present, Future. Each month, CNN International correspondent Sumnima Udas will visit a different country along The Silk Road, uncovering stories of innovation, culture and business. The format of the 30–minute show will combine the modern world with historical context to bring the region alive.

A dedicated microsite for the series will be hosted on featuring video from the show and a host of bespoke content about the topics, cultures and business practices covered in the series. CNN’s audience will also have the opportunity to engage with the series through accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“’The Silk Road: Past, Present, Future’ is where rich, historic cultural context meets modern business and trading against the backdrop of visually stunning landscapes and destinations,” says Ellana Lee, Senior Vice President, CNN International. “Part business show, part travelogue – this series will be an important part of CNN International’s output.”

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CNN to launch global Traders programme

CNN is set to launch a new feature strand called Traders, which tells the stories of individuals who trade goods and services across borders. CNN plans to cover the stories behind the global import and export markets by meeting characters who passionately believe in their business to trade products and services overseas. In each report, CNN audiences will also gain valuable business information to put each story in context of international trade and commerce. Traders will run as a fortnightly segment that is part of CNN International’s The Business View with Nina Dos Santos and CNN domestic’s CNN Newsroom Weekend.

Traders is a content strand that makes sense of the drivers behind international trade in the context of globalised, connected business,” says Ellana Lee, Senior Vice President, CNN International. “By telling the stories of the passionate, innovative people working in global trade, CNN will bring import/export markets to life and show why this affects us all. Traders will add an intruiging angle to our wider business programming.”