Spotlight Productions launches in the UAE

New production company, Spotlight Productions launches in the UAE. Spotlight Productions aims to offer videography and photography services to meet the requirements of clients and help communicate their message in an engaging manner as well as creating captivating content to bring their stories and announcements into the spotlight. The new company will see its co-founders Abdul Karim Hanif with broadcast journalism experience take on the role of Managing Partner and Producer, Melville Picardo with TV production experience as Head of Post Production and Muhammad Adnan having worked in the television industry as Production Manager. The new team will work towards partnering with communications and PR companies by bringing the news team’s support to produce video news releases for press conferences and events.

“Video content has become a crucial element to take a press release forward an extra mile, particularly with the rise of social media influencers,” says Abdul Karim Hanif, Managing Partner and Producer, Spotlight Productions. “We aim to bring our TV production knowledge to create that appealing content together with the interviews of our clients. Over the years we have developed strong relationships with PR firms in our network and we would now like to enhance those ties further by providing them with the support they require for their written content.”