Cicero and Bernay expands into the MENA region

Public relations consultancy, Cicero and Bernay (C&B) has signed a strategic affiliation with Sudanese-based company, Katia International as a part of its expansion plan into the MENA region. The partnership will see C&B build on its expertise in the Sudanese market through the provision of PR services, on-ground support and development of targeted communications as well as PR strategies that caters to the region. The affiliation will also see Katia International lend C&B important insights while it expands its regional influence and ensure both companies collaboratively exchange best practices to further professional development.

“This is part of our wider strategy to enhance our MENA presence by expanding to all Arabic speaking countries, strongly building a regional and global network of communication experts, offering our services to multinational corporations, and increasing our diverse portfolio of clients,” says Maysa-Jana Atoui, Director of Business Development, C&B.

Ahmad Itani named top 50 Game Changers of PR 2017

Ahmad Itani, Chief Operating Officer at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations (C&B) has been recognised by PR News as one of the Top 50 Game Changers of PR for 2017. The Top 50 Game Changers of PR is a global ranking that celebrates individuals who have been accelerating the expansion and growth of brand communication across the world. The list honoured Ahmad for his leadership role in C&B and for pushing the boundaries of communication to new heights, as well as extending beyond traditional media to reach out to new contributors that would enhance the MENA network capabilities.

“It is both a great honour and a great responsibility to appear on this list – not only to be representing the MENA region and to rank among global PR powerhouses, but also exciting to be charged with continuing to making a real difference in our industry – locally and globally,” says Ahmad Itani, COO, Cicero and Bernay Public Relations.

C&B launches influencer marketing arm

Cicero & Bernay Public Relations (C&B) launches an influencer communication programme, See & Be. Headed by Jamal H. Iqbal, Director – Brand Outreach at C&B, the new division aims to incorporate influencer engagement into communication campaigns by identifying an ideal match between influencers and client objectives.

“With the speed at which social media has penetrated the region’s consumers, and their affinity towards local influencers, we felt now was the time for new-age PR agencies such as ours to launch a full fledged influencer communication division,’ says Jamal. “See & Be is aimed at streamlining the disjoint between influencer programme leaders and implementers. While influencers and their social media offer optimised channels for delivery, content still rules, and campaigns must be charted keeping in mind granular accountability at every stage.”

Cicero and Bernay expands into North Africa

Public relations agency, Cicero and Bernay (C&B) has signed a strategic affiliation with Kalima, a subsidiary of communications group, Impact, as a part of its plan to expand into Algeria and Tunisia. The new agreement will see C&B provide public relations services, PR Strategies, on-ground support and development of targeted communications, with an aim to cater to the growing Algerian and Tunisian markets. The affiliation will also ensure that Kalima secures a strong footprint in the PR industry to strengthen C&B’s presence across the GCC.

“Kalima has a similar ethos to that of C&B – focusing on adding value to clients through a customer-centric and results-focused approach,” says Ahmad Itani, COO, C&B. “This shared philosophy makes us natural partners and we are pleased to be adding Kalima to our network of experts – adding valuable insights to C&B’s network from Algeria and Tunisia.”

Cicero & Bernay expands operations in the GCC

Public relations consultancy, Cicero & Bernay (C&B) has signed a new affiliation with Bahrain-based public relations agency, Daily Public Relations (Daily PR) and Oman-based boutique marketing and communications agency, ProComms as part of its expansion plan into the GCC. The new strategic partnership will see both regional agencies enhance C&B’s presence and grow its client portfolio across the GCC by providing PR services and strategies, as well as on-ground support and development of targeted communication to cater to the growing markets in Bahrain and Oman.

“Daily PR and ProComms both share C&B’s ethos – delivering tailored and impactful communication services for clients – and we look forward to working closely with them to deliver even more comprehensive and targeted programmes,” says Ahmad Itani, COO, Cicero & Bernay. “By sharing complementary insights, we will enrich C&B’s already highly effective delivery across both of its markets and the wider MENA region.”

C&B expands MENA network

Cicero & Bernay (C&B), part of The Publicity Network (Publinet) has signed an affiliation with Kuwait-based marketing and public relations agency, Local Flavor. Aiming to further expand its network within the MENA region, the partnership will offer the agency’s clients public and media relations services, business development capabilities and communication development tools as well as PR strategies.

“The signing of this affiliation agreement amplifies our strong capabilities throughout the MENA region in delivering comprehensive public relations and communications services,” says Ahmad Itani, COO, Cicero & Bernay. “Local Flavor and C&B each have a strong service ethos that delivers tailored client servicing and communication planning for our clientele. Our complementary insights will enrich already effective communication delivery across both of our markets and to the wider region.”

Khaled Salah Al-Sayer, Managing Partner, Local Flavor adds, “We are very pleased with this new affiliation, as it combines the strong market knowledge of both companies and the breadth of complementary services and expertise. For our clients, this affiliation will deliver increased opportunity for exposure and strengthened brand infrastructure that can be optimised across the region.”