IAA UAE Chapter launches production forum

The International Advertising Association (IAA) UAE Chapter has launched IAA UAE – Production Forum. IAA UAE – Production Forum is a platform that aims to create a meaningful interface between the production, advertising and media industry. The new forum will also focus on providing a platform for the film and TV production industry to discuss and solve the challenges they face, as well as to promote the UAE’s production industry locally and internationally.

The IAA UAE- Production Forum will be headed by a steering committee made of professionals from across the UAE’s production and media industry including, Owner and Producer of Central Films, Karen Coetzee, Owner and Executive Producer of Boomtown, Shane Martin, Owner and Location Manager of Fstop Locations, Lyall Gardiner and Managing Partner of Joy Films, Ali Azarmi.

“The communications industry in UAE is a diverse and thriving sector,” says Hani Ghorayeb, President, IAA UAE Chapter. “Having our production industry members focus on a specific agenda that promotes and expands their role in the UAE is a very welcome and timely initiative given the rise of content.”