Shimmering Sands launches

PR professional Francesca Hales has launched new lifestyle website Shimmering Sands for expat women living in the Middle East. With over nine years of experience in PR – in London and Dubai – Francesca has worked across luxury lifestyle brands. Her new digital platform aims to serve as a forum for expat women living in the region to help them understand the local community by providing local content on lifestyle, health and fitness, fashion and beauty, as well as feature a section for mothers and interviews with leading female personalities in the region.

“Moving to Dubai nearly three years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I really needed a friend,” says Francesca Hales. “Shimmering Sands is that friend. It is a digital girl gang for the hidden Dubai secrets from real girls, to real girls. It tells you where to shop, where to get beauty pool essentials and for those Dubai mummy moments.”