Lovin Saudi launches in the Middle East

New media advertising company, Augustus has launched Lovin Saudi as a part of its expansion plan in the region. Following the launch of its Dubai operations in 2015, Lovin Saudi will operate with local partners and contributors based out of Saudi Arabia with support and back office functions being completed from the group’s regional headquarters in Dubai. The launch will also cover news and lifestyle in Dammam, Khobar, Riyadh and Jeddah as the main cities with content published in English, and officially open its first Saudi-Arabian based office early 2018.

“By understanding and keeping abreast of the ever-changing media landscape, Augustus has cemented Lovin Dubai’s place within the UAE market in what is a short space of time,” says Richard Fitzgerald, Managing Director, Augustus. ”This was done by focusing on quality online and social content. With the launch of Lovin Saudi, the brand will look to do the same in Saudi Arabia, shaking things up and further driving a digital approach within the region.”

Lovin Dubai expands social media reach

Augustus, a newly launched media agency and the holding company of online guide, Lovin Dubai, has merged all its social media channels with 7DAYS UAE. Following the closure of the weekly newspaper in December 2016, Augustus has purchased the social media handles for 7DAYS UAE, which has accumulated a massive social media following across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook over the years.

“Social media plays a crucial role in how media is consumed today,” says Richard Fitzgerald, Editor, Lovin Dubai. “We are delighted to take on the profiles of 7DAYS UAE both regarding assuming a broad audience that now has a gap in their daily newsfeed and accepting the responsibilities that go along with it. It is an honour and a privilege to be able to continue the legacy of 7DAYS in a small way.”

Mark Rix, CEO, 7DAYS UAE adds, “Over the last few years, we have built a large and highly engaged audience across our social media platforms due to the high quality and unique nature of our content. We believe that Lovin Dubai will continue to inform and entertain our readers in the same spirit.”

Augustus launches in Dubai

New media advertising company Augustus, has launched in Dubai. Located in JLT, based out of Google Astrolabs, Augustus was Founded by Richard FitzGerald and is supported by a board of advisors including Zee Kane, former CEO of The Next Web and Helen Al Uzaizi, Founder of child entrepreneur program,

Augustus focuses on providing brands and agencies with services including; social media training, community management and strategy. The company also manages and operates publishing brand, Lovin Dubai and is the regional representative for Snaplytics, as well as other media software in the region.

“Augustus is a fusion between an agency and a media publisher, designed for new media,” says Richard FitzGerald, Managing Director, Augustus. “We decided to look at media consumption today and while many social platforms, tech companies and even publishing brands are being created to cater to the different ways people consume media, there aren’t many marketing companies created to provide services for these new mediums.”