Crowd funding begins for magpie magazine

A crowdfunding project is underway to support the launch of magpie magazine, a new publication looking to cover artistic and cultural subjects across the UAE from a non-commercial perspective. A passion project of Dennis Jarrett, former Editor in Chief of Dubai Week and Abu Dhabi Week – part of Turret Media – magpie will cover fine art, sculpture and 3D work, literature, film, photography, music, theatre and dance, all in a format with a strong focus on design. magpie currently has 24 days of its crowd funding campaign to go and pledges can be made at

“Over the last five or six years I’ve been watching the explosion here in arts, culture, design, performance and other creative endeavours,” says Dennis. “I’ve long felt that this exciting, buzzing scene needed a focal point, a kind of hangout-cum-information exchange that can highlight what’s going on and who’s doing it. Hence magpie, which initially will be a print magazine for the UAE, but we intend to broaden the delivery as well as the coverage to be online… lots of big plans, lots of ambitions.”

Turret Media introduces new publication

Turret Media has introduced a new publication to the UAE. Following on from the pilot issue’s success in December, Dubai Week magazine will now appear every Thursday starting February 5, 2015. With 60,000 copies to be distributed throughout the city, each issue will feature weekly news updates, interviews with influential members of the community, competitions, social pages and the latest information on where to go in the city, easy weekender destinations, lifestyle and community features, as well as property and interior news.

“Dubai is unique,” says Mez Dastoor, CEO of the Publishing arm of Turret Media. “It’s global, glitzy and glamourous. But it’s also the pace where two million people live, work and play. Dubai is a very special place and it needs a very special magazine – one that is written by and for the people of Dubai, not just for travellers and tourists. That’s why we  say – Dubai Week is the city’s magazine. Dubai Week is Dubai.”

Dennis Jarrett, Editor-in-Chief of Dubai Week adds, “We put a lot of effort into making sure that Dubai Week fits seamlessly into the Turret Media portfolio. It’s part of the Turret Media family – but at the same time, Dubai Week is a magazine with its own personality and style. We have a magazine that is readable and usable, as well as entertaining and enjoyable. We want the reader’s trust and respect; we want the reader’s friendship too.”

Dubai Week is a sister magazine to Abu Dhabi Week, which has a BPA-certified circulation of 82,000.