Xpress to cease print publishing

Dubai-based weekly tabloid newspaper, Xpress has ceased print publications. Published by Gulf News, the final edition was published on August 30, 2018 and will continue to exist online. 
“Xpress lived on for more than 11 years, bringing readers quality community stories and investigative reports of high international standards,” says Abdul Hamid Ahmad, Editor-in-Chief, Gulf News. “And for most of these reports, we had to dig deeper to collect information and meticulously check the facts before we published them. Many of these reports were picked up by the foreign media. The stories exposed fraud, they uncovered crime, and they put the spotlight on unfair dealings. I would like to thank our readers, who placed their trust in us, the editor of Xpress and all the staff, who were a part of its launch, its journey and its success.”

Dubai Editor charged in murder case

Francis Matthew, Editor at Large of Gulf News has been charged with the murder of his wife, Jane Matthew. Francis, a respected journalist who worked for The Economist prior to his move to Dubai in 1990, held the role of Gulf News Editor from 1995 – 2005. The 60-year-old British national played a considerable role in the development of UAE publishing since moving to the UAE, but will now be sentenced after admitting to an assault on his wife last Tuesday, which led to her death.
“We are shocked and saddened at this tragedy,” says Abdul Hamid Ahmad, Editor-in-Chief and Executive Director Publications, Gulf News. “We pray to the Almighty that her soul rests in peace and that the family is given the strength and patience to overcome this very difficult situation. Gulf News’s thoughts and prayers are with the family. We request that the family be given the privacy they need to cope with their grief.”