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Team TMN catches up with Roshin Rahman, Editor-in-Chief at luxury publishing house Ad Maiora Media, to find out more about the new Signé Society, launched in partnership with Signé Magazine.

What is the concept behind Signé Society?
Signé society is the brainchild of Signé magazine, created to translate the magazine’s philosophy – Craftsmanship, heritage and a unique experience of the luxury industry – into tangible experiences.

What made you decide to launch Signé Society in Dubai?
This is an interesting story – we used to gather over a cigar/dinner with friends and, sometimes, even a few readers who would like to know more about Signé magazine. These gatherings had been happening for a while before it occurred to us that it would be really great to do similar things on a more organised basis, involving the brands/personalities who were the topics of our discussion. From those gatherings and conversations, Signé society was born. 

What will the society offer in addition to Signé Magazine?
Our objective is to offer members an insight into the world of luxury, by providing in-depth knowledge as part of unique and exclusive experiences for the gentlemen in the region. 

How will you make Signé Society stand apart from similar member organisations?
Unlike many traditional members-only organisations, there is no membership fee – the selection of members is based purely on their level of knowledge of the luxury industry and passion for the finer things in life. This means that we are all likeminded. The launch event was a success because of this, with members from different backgrounds meeting for the first time and getting along well together.

Upon joining Signé society, members are provided with slippers bearing a Signé society monogram and these must be worn to all events. We believe this to be a very stylish and elegant way of showing unity within the organisation.

How will Signé Society events be organised?
Signé society events will be highly exclusive, comprising of a maximum of 20 selected members. The criteria for the members who will attend these events will be their areas of interest – some men may like events involving watches and fashion, for example, whereas others may prefer those with a focus on art.

Will the events be covered in Signé Magazine/online?
Yes, of course. The events will be covered both in print and online, as part of Signé magazine. Our launch event has been published in the magazine’s June edition alongside a beautiful video, to give viewers a better insight into the atmosphere at our society events.

How can PRs get involved with these events?
PRs will be welcome to get involved with the brands they represent and discuss potential involvement of their clients, so long as said brands are in line with Signé Society’s values.

Are there any advertising/promotional opportunities?
Yes, we are open to these kinds of discussions, as long as they add value to our members’ experiences and make them even more unique and personal. 

Are there any future plans for Signé Society?
I believe the future will tell us. At the moment, we are concentrating on organising exclusive and one-of-a-kind events for our members and bringing Signé magazine’s philosophy alive through these.

Are there any further brand extension plans for Signé Magazine?
We have a few in the pipeline and will definitely discuss in the near future!

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