Sayidaty magazine to launch Arabic platform

Sayidaty is set to launch an online Arabic shopping platform known as Sayidaty Mall. Going live at the beginning of November, 2014, Sayidaty Mall will offer a new shopping experience, providing users with extensive and detailed information about stores, malls and brands across Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as well as sourcing credible information about where to shop for specific brands, what discounts and promotions are available, and will showcase the latest collections from popular brands. Sayidaty Mall will also be the first Arabic social commerce website, where subscribers can earn points based on interaction with the website – sharing products they have bought, reviews they have given and what products they have purchased online.

“Launching Sayidaty Mall in Saudi Arabia is one of the many steps we are working on to cover the Arab region and the demands of the Arabic shopper both on and offline,” says Mr. Alharthi, Editor-in-Chief, Sayidaty and Al Jamila Magazines. “The second step will be covering the United Arab Emirates, in addition to launching Sayidaty Mall applications on mobile devices which will provide distinguishing features for the Arabic shopper.”


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