Sassy Mama to launch in Dubai

Sassy Media Group, a digital marketing group targeted at women, has announced that it will be launching a Dubai version of the online parenting platform Sassy Mama, set to go live May 25, 2014. Following the launch of Sassy Mama Hong Kong in 2009 and Sassy Mama Singapore in 2013, the Dubai platform will provide a well-researched and trustworthy parenting site for the female community in Dubai who juggle kids, careers and family lives, directly from one source. Sassy Mama Dubai will bring the brands signature mix of helpful articles, covering health, eating out, shopping, schools, parent profiles, travel with and without the kids, and everything in between. There are currently over 40,000 members of the Sassy Mama brand, and over 300,000 site visitors each month in Hong Kong.

“We are so excited to be bringing Sassy Mama to Dubai – and judging by the response we’ve had so far we’re not the only ones,” says Kaya Scott, Co-Founder and Editor, Sassy Media Group. “Dubai is a fabulous city in which to be a mum and a woman and we aim to showcase the very best it has to offer, by unearthing all the fabulous secrets which make a city tick whilst also providing a valuable mum-friendly resource – a sort of little black book if you like!”

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