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Team TMN sits down with Madhu Arora, Publisher of Saffron Magazine, to find out more about Saffron Media Works’ latest publication, ahead of its launch next month…

So we hear Saffron will be one of the newest additions to the print magazine offerings in UAE. When will it launch?
The magazine officially launches on May 1st, however there will be a launch party on April 29th.

What is the concept behind Saffron?
Conceptually, Saffron is a holistic South-Asian and Arab centric publication that is designed to entertain, inform and empower.

 What made you decide to launch Saffron?
A market survey that we did last year revealed the absolute paucity of home grown publications. Local magazines are very, very few and far between. Most magazines on the shelf are properties that have been imported and then tweaked to suit local sensibilities. We felt that there is a definite need for a magazine made in Dubai, for Dubai.

What are the main features of the magazine?
The magazine, we like to believe, has pretty much taken most sensibilities in to consideration. It is not a niche or interest-specific publication.

Will Saffron be available online, or exclusively as a print publication?
Initially, just the print version will be available. The online will follow in a bit. However, the magazine will have a very strong social media presence to keep its readers both informed and engaged.

Who is Saffron’s target audience?
The target is fairly broad but mainly directed at the South Asian and Arab readers. Asians, specifically Indians rank the highest within UAE’s population followed by Arabs. We want to cater to the mass population in the region through our magazine and have devised our content strategy accordingly.

Will you be working with a dedicated editorial team, or are there opportunities for freelancers?
Currently we have a happy blend of both, leaning more towards the dedication of the editorial team. Freelancers are welcome to contribute to the magazine as well.

How can PR’s get involved?
PR professionals will have a lot of opportunities to work with the magazine. The official launch event will offer a great interaction opportunity for PRs to meet the editorial team. We are very open to receiving any information that they might have.

Are there any future plans for Saffron, once it has been launched?
There are absolutely tons. The challenge in-house at the moment is actually to prioritise.

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