Posterscope partners with Blue 449

Out of home (OOH) communications agency Posterscope is partnering with global media network Blue 449, in association with Hills Advertising and Elevision, to work on Project Everyone – Filmmaker and Founder Richard Curtis’ worldwide initiative to promote the United Nations’ global goals for sustainable development to end extreme poverty and tackle climate change by 2030.  The project aims to share the UN’s goals with seven billion people over seven days.

Posterscope and Blue 449 will be working with Hills Advertising, Elevision and other media partners across the globe to supply space for the adverts, designed by Richard himself, and raise awareness of the initiative. 125 partners have been engaged with the project to date, and the adverts will be shown in 450 cities, around 28 different countries in central locations with high footfall, such as Piccadilly Circus in London, Times Square in New York and Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

“The best chance of the UN’s global goals being met is if everyone is aware of them and that’s where Project Everyone comes in, along with the support of its many partners,” says Richard. “I have been overwhelmed by the response of brands, consumers and institutions alike to this initiative. Posterscope and Blue 449 have been instrumental with getting out of home media owners on board to get our messages across, to really raise public awareness of the issue at hand.”

Annie Rickard, Global CEO, Posterscope, adds “It is a great opportunity to be involved in an initiative like Project Everyone. We are delighted to be able to capitalise on our media network and connections to help raise awareness around the issues at hand and hopefully, slowly but surely, change the way we live and the world we live in.”

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